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Adam2.orgI am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. - John 15:5

Adam2.orgAnd the same day, when the even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side. - Mark 4:35 may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. - Psalms 30:5b is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. - Matthew 7:14 the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. - Genesis 1:2b

Adam2.orgThe Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. - Psalms 23:1-2 Pin More Christian Headlines

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In His PresenceIn His Presence - Prayer Meditation #30
When Praying, See Prayer As The Fuel That Fires A White Hot Love For Christ...
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Through SufferingThrough Suffering
Hebrews 5:8
We are told that the Captain of our salvation was made perfect through suffering, therefore we who are sinful, and who are far from being perfect, must not wonder if we are called to pass through suffering too. Shall the head be crowned with thorns, and shall the other members of the body be rocked upon the dainty lap of ease?...
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Marks Of A Backslidden HeartMarks Of A Backslidden Heart
1. Outward formality in spiritual experience--a stereotyped, stiff way of doing things that clearly flows from habit rather than gushing from a spiritual life.
2. Distaste for spiritual things. We always enjoy saying and doing the things that please the one we love most.
3. Bondage signals a backslidden heart. He dutifully serves while having no heart for praise, worship, private prayer, or any exercise spontaneous and delightful to those with love for God. (Spiritual bondage!)...
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Is It Possible To Build A Christian Nation?Is It Possible To Build A Christian Nation?
When many people hear talk of building a "biblical" or a "Christian" nation, they equate this idea with a civil government run by the Church. When non-Christians hear us talk about gaining political influence, they are afraid. Liberals fear the Church taking over government because they correctly understand that a nation run by a particular church or religion could lead us to tyranny....
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Where are you going in life?
Religion and the Founding of America
Book: Adam2

Guide For The Walk Home

The following is taken from the Book, Adam2: A Guide For The Walk Home, written by our founder. It is A Commentary On The Gospel Of John, complete with a background look at the contemporary Jewish groups active in Jesus' day. It includes a summary of each chapter, a redacted study of each disciple, a brief study of Gnosticism of the time, pertinent timelines, and much more. Each chapter of study includes extensive Biblical references to the notes on the chapter.

A chronological excerpt of each section will be posted here at the beginning of each month. You can access free of charge at any time a complete online digital version for your further study. In addition, a link will be provided to purchase the book on CD to install on your own computer for convenience of study and print. All we ask is that you observe the stated copyrights as with any book you buy over the counter, limiting your print to only one hard copy for your own personal use. If further hard copies are necessary, please contact us for an additional nominal fee. Thank you for your interest in this study. Our hope and prayer is that through the work of the Holy Spirit as you study you will be blessed by it, and if so, recommend it to a friend.

We turn this month to John - Chapter 10 from the book: Adam2.

B.  THE SHEPHERD'S CALL.   10:19-42
  1. This simple statement that His sheep will hear His voice, when found, carries with it certain profound implications. It is the source of which men for centuries have splintered in the view of Christ's call to a universal world. It is not one this current study needs to address. We will simply say of those who are not His, that they are not so because of the condition of their own heart and ears, and the choice they make to remain in their own blindness caused by the Deceiver, as with Eve (and Adam).
  2. For these reasons, and others, these rulers do not hear His call, therefore, they are not His; but, He has come to take from among them those who are.
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Think On This

Are You Out Of Your Mind
Are You Out Of Your Mind
Isaiah 55:8,9 - (NAS)
  1. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
  2. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Over the years when pressed into service for others in Jesus' name beyond your own human comfort zone, into a realm that seemed to defy all logic and understanding, have you often wondered if you had reached the limits of your sanity? You know you would not have chosen that particular path for that specific need of another if you were in your right mind. You think to yourself: What was I thinking? You may have had others who knew you best question your thoughts and actions, even saying to you: Are you out of your mind? You agreed. You did feel deep within this wasn't the course any one in their right mind might have chosen—the things you are called to do for or speak to another. However, there was no denying in your spirit by Whom you were being led! As you continued obediently in faith, you may have had to defend your actions to others by expressing your unconcern of their thoughts and attitudes toward you because of their lack of understanding where God had placed you.

At this point, you may have had thoughts of the similarities of your experience and Job's experience with his three friends who could not understand what he was experiencing in his time. Never before had you more understanding and greater sympathy for his situation. You conclude your friends mean well but are not in the throes of the experience and anointing of your unique calling for this moment. You do not judge. You know, you just know, you must press on until He has done with you in the matter. Your obedience is required and His yoke and Joy remaineth upon you. This is undeniable to you. As much as you may desire and try, you will never be able to convince your friends to understand. Nor should you. Nor can they. This is something God has called you to do in quiet solitude and devotion to Him. Jesus asked us never to do our alms to Him for others to see. Greater will be your reward in heaven when He alone recognizes in total what you have done in private and personal for Him (Mt.6:4). Though your actions may be seen openly because of the nature of your service, you and He alone know this you do for Him, in His name. You have come to the point in surrender to Him where His recognition is all the recognition you seek. At times, even those you serve may seem to resent your service or at the least you may feel you are being used. It matters not when you know you have both His blessing and anointing for what you do. The human nature and reasoning would say: enough! and walk away. But you are no longer listening with the human ear and applying human logic.

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Bible Summaries

Romans Chapter Summary

The following is taken from the Book of New Testament Summaries.

  1. (A.D.57?) [The "Gospel of God" and "His Son" (1:1,9) as seen and written by Paul to Roman Christians (1:7): to let them know he knew of their work and faith (1:8), that he was coming there shortly (1:10; 15:24), and to have on file in Rome, the capital of the world, a record of the Gospel of God through Jesus Christ. 1:15] Paul introduces himself by listing his credentials credible for his writing. First he identifies his position in ministry: a servant; second, his calling: an Apostle; and thirdly, his purpose: to declare the message of the Gospel of God. (NOTICE: Nowhere does he list his earthly achievements as qualifications for writing or speaking: Phd's in law; his denomination affiliations: a Pharisee, etc. He is first and lastly a servant of Christ in the proclamation of the message of God that there be no room for worldly human boasting! See II Cor.10:7-18; Ph.3:3-8. Therefore, he is ready (1:15), willing ( II Th.2:8), and able ( II Co.3:4-6) to preach God's Gospel to whomever called, at present in writing to Rome!) He salutes them, commends their much publicized faith, expresses his longing to see them that he might impart to them some spiritual gift, together be edified, and finally, clearly teach that the fruit of the gospel is God's righteousness established and lived out in man. All men are seen at one point standing under the shadow of God's impending wrath because of his own ungodliness. It is each's individual decision whether one remains so. Just as there are specific steps to be taken toward God, coming under His umbrella of saving grace, there are successive steps away from Him, putting one in final jeopardy of His irrevocable judgment (1:21,23,25,32): (1) They became indifferent to God (failed to glorify Him), (2) therefore, they became ungrateful to Him (failed to be thankful), (3) thus they became conceited (vain in their own imaginations), (4) now having no need of Him, they omitted Him from their lives (worshipped the product of their own hands), and finally, (5) changed His truth into a lie! This one will be given over to do those things naturally produced from within a wicked heart: all manner of despicable sin arising from eventual unnatural affections, having gone so far from God (His knowledge, truth, and wisdom), filled (in total) with unrighteousness. The end of this man is both logical and inevitable. (All of the above is not only applicable to the individual, but to a nation as well, as seen with Israel of old and within any nation in decline.)
  2. Since all men stand accused, guilty, and condemned before His Bench, God alone is holy enough to be judge. Therefore, no man has the right to sit in judgment of another, no matter his level of righteousness attained nor degree of works done! Both Jew and Gentile stand alike on equal footing in His Court. His Law is blind: it can see only the sin and not the sinner, thus pointing to the guilty, irrespective of his earthly origin or achievements. Because God is just, His judgment is just. He will separate the wheat from the chaff at the appropriate time, after each has his own period of possible repentance and being wooed by God's freely given loving goodness, seeing in his hard heart his own guilt and finally throwing himself at the mercy of His grace. Those who observe to do His Law from a heart softened by Him will be spared His wrath. So, be careful not to judge another, but also in your attempts to teach others His Law as you have been taught. See that your own life reflects it, that His name be highly honored among all men, especially by the unbeliever. The Law kept only outwardly without the heart ever receiving it, is vain, but the one who has his heart spiritually quickened by God when His Law is received within, will be highly praised by Him, whether Jew or Gentile.
  3. Paul now asks what advantage then is outward circumcision, or profit to the ceremonial Jew? Certainly there were unbelievers (uncircumcised in heart) among them, but this alone does not negate the faith and purpose of the others who believed. To them was committed the oracles of God for the benefit of all men, to be instructed in His ways that righteousness might come to all, not only to the Jew (though first), but to the Gentile world as well. Clearly, then, it is seen that all stand guilty before a righteous judge with none being justified by the Law, only condemned by it, everyone having violated it. Whether in some small point, or in totality, it is broken! None are righteous, not one! The most lawful and unlawful both stand condemned, for both are guilty on some point. No amount of man's own righteousness (right doing) will cover his personal violations. Man's violations (sin), no matter how few or small, are larger than any amount of works he could do in ten lifetimes, unable to be used as a cover or for mitigating circumstances to set him free. One dot of sin is sufficient to render any man guilty to the extreme of offsetting a lifetime of good works! ( Ecc.10:1) Therefore, no amount of works is capable of negating man's penalty or excusing him from the Law's violation. Now having sufficiently made the case for every man's guilt (a sinner), and impossibility for any man to work off his own sentence to be set free, Paul pivots in 3:21 to declare the grace of God and the hope for man. He has shown us our unrighteousness; he now teaches the provision God Himself has made for our righteousness that we might go free—Faith in Jesus Christ who served our sentence perfectly, now offering pardon. Guilty? Yes, all, but freely pardoned through acceptance of His work done for us! So righteousness comes not by the Law, but through faith, not just blind faith, but faith in Jesus Christ. Why Him? Because no other paid the required penalty to appease an offended God who might consider and grant us grace as we stand by His successful Son's side as He pleads now for our pardon! God Himself has done the work (3:25), and Christ has declared, it is finished! ( Jn.17:4; 19:30) Hence, three consequences arise from faith in Christ: (1) Boasting in works is excluded (vs.27), (2) God is for all men, Jew and Gentile (vs.29), and (3) its work (vs.31). So, because justified to go away free, yet not as his own, rather now a servant of Christ who bought him with a price—justified not by your own works, but by faith in the works of Christ!
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5 Articles on Modern Church
Has church been getting you down lately? Do you have more questions than answers about the major shift in your experiences in worship, in the objects, music, and even the sermons? We may be able to help.
Know first, you are not alone! More people are awaking to a deceptive practice that began years ago. In addition, we have put together 5 articles to try and answer some of those questions and help with your understanding. The first are more practical in nature as they relate to your questions. However, the 5th is more specific in identifying a major factor behind the changes you are experiencing. We hope this will not be the end of your exploration of this growing cancer on the church. If you're fine with it, we wish you the best but some of us have not nor will buy into it.
You may print and disseminate in whole or part but without modification and citing their original source.

Chapter by Chapter O.T.Summary

Dear Sirs,
I teach Old Testament to a group of young people who have committed their lives to Christ and are involved in a national group called Master's Commission. I would like permission to share your tests with them during a 10 week Bible Course.
thank you...
dale rains