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A Little About

Translate This Page Into: was established by our founder, Ken Livingston, in July 1999. We are indebted to his vision and leadership. Its namesake is from its original posting of a book/commentary on the Gospel of John, entitled: ADAM II: A Guide For The Walk Home. This work, as well as many others, is posted online in its entirety in our Studies Area. (An excerpt from its Preface).

Having grown into an international organization consisting of thousands of users from many countries, we are not affiliated with any group, denomination, church or other controlling entity or otherwise, with the exception of those affiliates with whom we have agreement to provide content for our Web Site.

Although our goal and intent is to offer the visitor a comprehensive list of news, directories and topics that may appeal to a broader audience at large, great effort has been made not to provide or promote those topics or resources that are offensive to any who aspire to universal civility and decency. Without reducing all topics and interests to those acceptable only to a limited segment in providing this free service to all, we in no way ascribe to or agree with (or can control) every resource or related link that may be found within (nor do we intend, infer, or imply that the content provider or those associated with it, or whose names may appear within, agree to the beliefs, content, or purpose of In addition, we are in no way responsible for the way other sites, search engines, or content providers may program, display, or promote our Site (including any of its text or content) within their own site. With the freedom, wonder, and scope of the content of the World Wide Web, we apologize to those who may happen upon any link or content provided by this free public service to all viewers that may be deemed offensive in any way in any degree to that viewer, or how it may be displayed within either our own site or that of our content provider. We are in the public domain and as such we respect the right of others to freely operate within this public forum and expect the same respect with regards to our rights.

These are just a few of our main features:

As other works are released, they will be added from time to time. Although these are available free of charge to our Online users, we do offer the first 4 major works for individual purchase and download in our Products feature.

Besides the works you will find throughout our site, one of our greatest ministries is aiding others through personal contact. We encourage members and visitors alike to send us your questions, prayer requests or concerns of any spiritual matter you may have. We strive to answer your inquiries as timely as possible. We give the highest priorities to those who share their personal present struggles or questions. If your concern is of a very personal private nature or you want to contact our founder, your inquiry will be forwarded directly and it will be guarded with the utmost security and privacy.

There are many other resources you will find throughout our Site for varying interests and many others scheduled for the future. These include writings and works from a number of other individuals, groups, organizations and institutions. We invite you to explore the many pages at your convenience. Thank you for your visit and hope that you will return often!

If you haven't viewed our Privacy Policy, please feel free do so before joining.

Finally, we welcome those who want to support our online ministry. Our greatest need is for volunteers to help with programming new content for our site. Several areas of need now exist. Please take the time to visit our Ministry Support Page to view our current opportunities.

- Thank you