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Award-winning Articles
The False Separation of Church and State
"Do you think the phrase 'the separation of church and state' is found in the United States Constitution? If you answered "yes," you are 100 percent wrong!"  (See also: The Separation of Church and State: Has it gone too far?)
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The Nicene Creed
"The Nicene Creed is the most widely accepted and used brief statements of the Christian Faith. In liturgical churches, it is said every Sunday as part of the Liturgy."
The Near-Death Experience: Part Two: Alternative Explanations - by J. Isamu Yamoto
"we want to discover whether a better understanding of NDEs will inch us closer to an understanding of life..."
The Separation of Church and State: Has it gone too far? - by Mark Shelby
"The Courts started this decidedly un-American and subversive behavior with the Everson decision in 1947..."  (See also: The False Separation of Church and State)
The State of The Union - by Dr. Marshall Foster
"The power elite in America today give little heed to the spiritual temperature of our nation when addressing the state of our nation."
The Way Of the Eagles - by Bill Britton
"Eagles are symbolic of a certain type of person...Chickens are also symbolic of people..."
Tom Hanks, You're No Robinson Crusoe - by Diane Ravitch
"The differences between the two fictionalized stories are stark. When Crusoe survives the shipwreck and finds himself safe on land, he thanks God for saving him. Mr. Hanks's character offers no prayers, but shouts 'Anyone? Anyone?' "
Was America founded as a Christian nation?
"A careful look into the past reveals landmarks which were essential in guiding America along the pathway that led us to where we are today."
We've Tried All Else; Why Not God? - by Cal Thomas
"On the Sunday morning talk shows, sophisticated political leaders speak of sophisticated ways to stop sophisticated terrorists from killing and maiming innocent Americans."
Whatever Happened to Western Civilization? - by Jay Rogers
"HEY, HEY! HO, HO! Western culture has got to go!" - Students at Stanford University led by the Reverend Jesse Jackson
Whose Kingdom Is Here? Christian Reconstruction in the Former USSR - by Roman Medvid
"The revealed will of God is not obviously seen in every event in history. Temporal setbacks of Christianity and the growth of Islam are vivid examples of this."

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