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Revised: was founded in July 1999. We are now in our 19th year, with users from many countries throughout the world and most states within the United States. Read a little about us.

Since then, many changes have occurred, too many to list here. Below is just a brief record of some of those changes:

  1. Added American Standard Version Bible for search and chapter display.
  2. Added option for Windows 7 users to Pin our Homepage to StartMenu and Taskbar for quick Jump Links to top Site Features: Church History, Studies, Writings, Top Articles, and Religious News. Just click on the icon in the heading of our homepage and follow instructions.
  3. Introduced Free Browser Toolbar.
  4. Charles H. Spurgeon Daily Email Devotions now back online. Sign up today.
  5. Daily Bible Reading Email Program (Read the Bible thru in 1 yr.) now back online. Sign up today.
  6. Updated site with programming primarily geared to the top 5 popular Internet Browsers: IE,FireFox,Chrome,Opera,Safari
  7. Revised/reformatted major studies: AdamII, Old/New Testament Summary, In His Presence, etc.
  8. Introduced for sale online version of each of the above studies found at our website. (Also available on CD.)
  9. Programming for newer technologies: iPad, Smart Phones, etc.
  10. Frequent additional topical works to Studies Area.
  11. Frequent additional Devotions to Studies Area. - Example
  12. Updated Studies Area. New look and feel.
  13. Added a brief Virtual Tour of top site features.
  14. Added new Writings Section.