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Appendix To ADAM II - Disciple: James - Son of Zebedee
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Son of Zebedee



Son of Zebedee ( Mt.4:21); (older?) brother of John.
Mother, Salome, possible sister to Mary (mother of Jesus).
(Compare Mt.27:56; Mk.15:40; Jn.19:25.)
In the fishing business with brother and father on Galilee ( Mk.1:19-20), as well as with Peter ( Lk.5:10) and Andrew. ( Mt.4:18)
Nothing is known of his backGround except that he was a Galilean Jew in the fishing trade. He held a prominent place in the listing of the 12 and was one of the inner 3 with Jesus, never occurring apart from John.
Officially called to full-time discipleship ( Mt.4:21, approx. 1 yr. after Jesus' baptism?); set apart as an apostle. ( Mt.10:1-2)
Nicknamed by Jesus, Boanerges = "son of thunder" ( Mk.3:17); illustrated in character, Lk.9:54.
Probably in attendance at miracle in Cana. ( Jn.2:2)
Vied for position in Christ's kingdom. ( Mt.20:21; Lk.22:24)
Present at Jesus' Transfiguration, with Peter and John. ( Lk.9:33)
Not to be seen during Jesus' arrest and crucifixion, but present at His first Appearance ( Jn.20:19) and Ascension. ( Acts 1:10)
Continues with disciples in Jerusalem. ( Acts 1:13)
Tradition has James preaching in Spain before returning to Jerusalem and his subsequent death; and it is said that his body was returned to Spain, where many legends have evolved around it.
First to be martyred: by Herod in A.D. 44. ( Acts 12:1-2)
Eusebius, an early Church historian, writes of James' final testimony that even his accuser who led him to his execution was converted and both were beheaded together.
James, unlike Judas, died a stalwart death in testimony to the power of his saving faith. It can be assumed in his hour he was strengthened by the memory and testimony of the two who had preceded, His Lord and fellow laborer, Stephen. Both men's words ( Lk.23:46; Acts 7:55-60) in their final hour quite likely filled his heart as he lay his life down for his Lord — his but the second of many to follow.