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Appendix To ADAM II - Disciple: James - Son of Alphaeus
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Son of Alphaeus



Nothing is known outside his identity with the 12 disciples. Called the "lesser" possibly due to his size, Mk.15:40,.
His mother, Mary, possible wife of Alphaeus or Cleophas, father of Matthew, therefore, possible brother to Matthew (Levi). (Compare: Mt.9:9; Mk.2:14; Lk.5:27; Mt.10:3.) Some even speculate this Mary to be sister to Mary, mother of Jesus, thus making this James and Jesus cousins. (Most unlikely two sisters both named Mary.)
Speculated to have been a Zealot Jewish patriot associated with Simon the Zealot and other southern Judean Jews who opposed Roman rule.
Was a faithful disciple, and last mentioned in the upper room awaiting the Pentecost with the others. ( Acts 1:13)
Very little is known traditionally of his post-New Testament life, except for his having preached in Persia, and later crucified.