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Appendix To ADAM II - Jerusalem
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1. Defined: "foundation of Peace, secure habitation".
2. A city of the Amorites called Jebus.
3. It is first mentioned in Scripture as Salem ( Gen.14:18). It was the city of Melchizedek.
4. Urusalim is the earliest known name, found in a 15th Century B.C. letter from a regional prince to his King Amenophis IV of Egypt, a period prior to the conquest of Canaan by the Israelites.
5. It is referred to as Jerusalem during the conquest and first mentioned in Scripture in Joshua 10:1.
6. It was called Jebus, first mentioned in Jos.18:16,18.
7. First taken partially by Judah from the Jebusites ( Jud.1:8).
8. Later taken by David from the Jebusites and made his capital ( I Sam.5:6; I Chr.11:5 - 1049 B.C.). David carried Goliath's head to here -- Why? ( I Sa.17:54).
9. Located 15 miles west of the Jordan River and Salt Sea, 31 miles east of the Med. Sea.
10. Built on 4 mountains: Zion, Acra, Moriah, and Bezetha.
11. Surrounded on the east, west, and south by a valley.
12. A Chronology:
Jerusalem of Old
Jerusalem of Late
1004   Temple built   70   Destroyed by Romans
970   Plundered by Shishak   130   Rebuilt by Hadrian
884   Plundered by Philistines and Arabs   335   Captured by Constantine
808   Plundered by Israelites   614   Taken by Persians
710   Besieged by Assyria   637   Taken Mohammedans
610   Besieged by Egypt   1076   Taken by Turks
598   Plundered by Babylon   1098   Assigned to Egypt
586   Temple Burned   1099   Taken by Crusaders
515   Temple Rebuilt   1187   Taken by Saladin
445   Walls Rebuilt   1228   Assigned to Christians
332   Taken by Greece   1243   Taken by Carizmians
320   Captured by Ptolemy Soter   1517   Taken by Ottomans
302   Annexed to Egypt   1832   Assigned to Egypt
170   Walls Razed by Syria   1841   Assigned to Turkey
63   Taken by Pompey of Rome   1917   Assigned to Christians
44   Walls Rebuilt by Antipater   1967   Retaken by Israel


Wailing Wall
Another View Wailing Wall
Temple View 1
Temple View 2