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Appendix To ADAM II - Disciple: Philip
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Philip is Greek, meaning, "lover of horses."
Not to be confused with Philip the Evangelist of Acts 6:5.
(As some 2nd century writers have.)
His home was in Bethsaida of Galilee, also home of Peter and Andrew. ( John 1:44)
First called by Jesus, and demonstrates a spirit of sharing. ( John 1:43)
Mentioned only by name in the Synoptics.
John mentions him 4 times and gives insight into his personality:
  »    John 1:43-45 (Called by Jesus.)
    [Here he demonstrates his SPIRIT OF SHARING when going for his friend Nathanael.]
  »    John 6:5 (At the feeding of 5,000)
    [Here he demonstrates his COMPASSION FOR THE CROWD.]
  »    John 12:20 (When the Greeks seek audience with Jesus.)
     [Here he demonstrates his CONCERN FOR THE GENTILES.]
  »    John 14:8 (Making request of Jesus.)
     [Here he demonstrates his DESIRE TO SEE THE FATHER.]
He is last mentioned in the upper room awaiting Pentecost. ( Acts 1:13)
[See notes on Ch.1, p. 82; Ch.6, p. 126.]
Many extra-Biblical legends exist as to his later life. (Ex.: Clement of Alexandria, a first century Christian writer, identifies him as the one who wanted to bury his father before following Jesus, Luke 9:59. Most unlikely.)
Traditional legend has his martyrdom occurring in Hierapolis, where he was hanged upside down with nails through his legs and feet, and later buried wrapped in papyrus rather than fine linen as Christ was buried.