In His Presence

Preface To In His Presence

The following are some meditative thoughts on prayer. To the casual observer, they may appear limited and disjointed in some instances. However, they were carefully chosen and arranged in specific order for progressive movement of the reader into deeper thought and immersion in prayer.

Therefore, when you begin the actual meditations, 1-36, I would recommend you do not read these as though reading a book. Devote time to each one. Some you may dwell on for days while others a single day may be sufficient. Don't rush it. Allow the Holy Spirit and the fullness of your heart dictate your progression through them as He guides you and brings His Word to light and alive within you.

When prayers are given, these are only intended as a seed for your own prayer in its fullness following completion of that individual meditation. Allow His Spirit to guide you. Allow His Word He brings to mind to teach you. Allow His alignment of your prayer to His Word and Will to achieve His intent. A level of comfort and confidence in your praying should develop in this experience as well as a greater desire and discipline to walk in that spirit of prayer daily, yearning all the while for that familiar time to go aside for uninterrupted communion and its accessive power to impact your life.

One must remember though that prayer is more than just a tool we take hold to connect us to the Father; it is a union with the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ made possible by His Holy Spirit. It is in that UNION we have COMMUNION in our spirits—the earthly joined with the Heavenly! It is an intimacy that cannot be known outside its avenue.

For those who have discovered its value and delved into its depths, it has become the treasure that transcends all earthly possessions that bring only fleeting joy. It is welcomed each time approached as a warm and close friend that introduces us once again to that real and regal joy upon entering our Father's Heavenly Courts.

Indeed, then, we sense we are,
In His Presence.

(John 14:16-19; 16:18-28; II Co.4:6-7; Ro.8:15-27)