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Consequences Of A Backslidden Heart Consequences Of A Backslidden Heart Consequences Of A Backslidden Heart Consequences Of A Backslidden Heart
Lectures on Revival by Charles Finney
The following are Consequences Of A Backslidden Heart taken from Charles Finney's book:
Lectures on Revival.

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  1. The backslider is full of his own works—but they are dead works, not works of faith and love acceptable to God...
  2. He is full of his own feelings. Instead of the sweet peace, rest and joy in the Holy Spirit he once experienced, he finds himself rocked by unrest...
  3. Backsliders are full of prejudice. Their willingness to know and do the truth has left. They naturally commit themselves against any truth that contradicts their self-indulgent spirit.
  4. A backslider is full of hatred. He holds grudges against all with whom he conflicts.
  5. The backslider is full of mistakes...(M)istakes in business, mistakes in forming relationships, mistakes in using his time, his tongue...
  6. Lust fills the backslider. His appetites and passions, once kept under, now resume their control. So long suppressed, they avenge themselves by becoming more noisy and despotic than ever.
  7. His own words fill the backslider. (His tongue) is an unruly member full of deadly poison, setting on fire all of life, itself set on fire by hell.
  8. Trials fill his life. Instead of keeping himself clear of temptation, he runs right into it.
  9. Foolishness fills the backslider. The backslider is the greatest fool in the world.
  10. The backslider in heart bloats with troubles. He has no inner rest.
  11. Care ladens the backslider. He won't cast his care upon God, but tries to manage everything singlehandedly...
  12. The backslider's heart is confused. ...(C)onfusion about how to attain his selfish goals fills him.
  13. Anxiety fills the backslider—about himself, his business, his reputation, about everything.
  14. The backslider will dwell in disappointment.
  15. A sense of loss fills the backslider.
  16. The backslider will be burdened with crosses. Every spiritual duty is irksome...having lost all heart in following Christ.
  17. Temper will overcome the backslider. Without God, much will irritate him.
  18. The backslider in heart disgraces himself. All his inconsistencies, ungodly desires, fits of temper and hateful words and actions disgrace him in the sight of all who know him.
  19. The backslider is deluded. Wandering in darkness, he ill likely swallow gross delusions...
  20. The backslider will be in chains. His profession to Christ binds him to the church. (With) no heart for building the church, yet he is bound by covenant to do so—and his reputation is at stake.
  21. The backslider feels self-condemnation. Once he enjoyed God's love; but now, having left Him, he feels condemned for everything.

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