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Proofs Of Growing In God's Grace Proofs Of Growing In God's Grace Proofs Of Growing In God's Grace Proofs Of Growing In God's Grace
Lectures on Revival by Charles Finney
The following are Proofs Of Growing In God's Grace taken from Charles Finney's book:
Lectures on Revival.

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  1. More implicit and thorough trust in God.
  2. If you are weaned from the world.
  3. Fewer reluctant feelings when called to exercise self-denial.
  4. Less temptation to sins of omission.
  5. Deepening intensity and steadiness of zeal for God's causes.
  6. Withering self-consciousness and respect for self in every action of life. New Christians...sometimes can't speak, pray or do anything in public without being either proud or ashamed of having performed in front of others.
  7. Consequently, deadness to flattery or condemnation signals growth in grace.
  8. A growing graciousness in accepting the whole will of God.
  9. Calmness in hardship.
  10. Tranquility in the face of sudden crushing disasters and losses.
  11. Patience under provocation.
  12. When you find that you not only tolerate but accept God's will when it calls you to suffer, when you can endure patiently and joyfully...
  13. Joy under crosses, disappointment, and severe pain.
  14. An increasing deadness to all the world offers or threatens.
  15. Rest and satisfaction in the allotments of God's ordering hand, and less temptation to complain when disappointed.
  16. Less temptation to worry.
  17. Less temptation to resent and retaliate when insulted or abused.
  18. Less temptation to focus on troubles or talk about them to others.
  19. A disposition to focus on your blessings rather than your trials.
  20. Less anxiety about life's circumstances, especially the things you cherish.
  21. Being less troubled about events that thwart your plans, hopes, expectations, and desires.
  22. Confidence in the wisdom, goodness and universality of God's providence—a state of mind that sees God in everything.
  23. Dwelling less and less on others' faults and shortcomings.
  24. Speech that is gentle rather than sarcastic, uncharitable or severe. A growing delicacy and tenderness in speaking of others' real or supposed faults.
  25. An increasing reluctance to think of or treat anyone as an enemy, and an increasing ease in treating them kindly, praying for them heartily and working to do them good.
  26. An ability to forgive rather than hold grudges, and a lack of desire to retaliate for injuries.
  27. Abandoning all sectarian discriminations, all prejudices of caste, color, poverty, riches, blood relation and of natural rather than spiritual ties.
  28. Wholehearted joy in making great sacrifices for those who hate us, and willingness to lay down one's life to promote their eternal salvation.
  29. Even more, when we find we no longer see anything we do for God or the souls of men and women as a sacrifice, we see we have grown in Christ.
  30. When we are more and more inclined to "count it all joy when we encounter various trials," and when we are less inclined to focus on our trials, losses and crosses.
  31. When we openly confess to those we have injured, when we lay our hearts open to God's searching and conviction, and when we cannot rest until we have made the fullest restitution within our power.
  32. A deep appreciation for the kindness of God and anyone else.
  33. When we find ourselves drawn with increasing earnestness to follow on to know more of the Lord.
  34. When spiritual truth readily quickens us, and when all our being harmoniously accepts and rests in God's whole will and providence—however painful that may at present be.
  35. Conformity to God and growth in His grace clearly displayed by a growing jealousy for God's honor, for the church's purity, and for the rights of God and of all people.
False Signs Of Growth In Grace
  1. Growth in knowledge is not conclusive evidence of growth in grace.
  2. Growth in gifts isn't proof that an individual is living nearer to God.
  3. And, just because a person thinks he is growing spiritually doesn't mean he is.

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