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KJV Handy Size Thompson Chain-Reference Hand Bound Calfskin

**NOTE:** Calfskin Thompsons are handmade and may take 2-3 months to bind and ship.

S P E C S:

Trim size: 6" x 8 1/4"

Page Count: 1923 pages

Point size: 6 point New Century Schoolbook

Gilding: 12 carat gold <

Features of this King James Version (KJV) Leather Thompson Chain-Reference Bible:

  • It is not usually carried in stores.
  • is brand new.
  • is hand-made.
  • has a rounded spine
  • has 4 raised hubs (ribs) on the spine
  • is the Red Letter Edition
  • has gold Gilded Edging
  • has two ribbon markers.
  • Is the classic Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible
  • You cannot buy a new Thompson with a softer, more beautiful cover
  • Black will be shipped.

    Typical cost: $139.99

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