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Award-winning Articles
Gambling and the State Lotteries - by Glenn Dunehew
"Lately many states are turning to pari-mutuel gambling and the lottery system to raise revenue as an alternative to raising taxes. Is it ethical for the government to support gambling? Have lotteries produced the desired results in the states that have them? Is it wrong to gamble? Let's look for a moment at what the Bible has to say on this issue..."
Is It Possible To Build A Christian Nation? - by Jay Rogers
"The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut is one example of a biblical covenant with God which also served as a basis for civil government."  (See also: America: Secular State or Christian Nation?)
Margaret Thatcher Speech - May 21, 1988
"Great Britain's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who has already earned the reputation of a moral leader, made several outspoken professions of her Christian faith while addressing the leaders of the Church of Scotland on May 21, 1988. Her speech, which immediately drew strong criticism from her opponents in Parliament, argued for the adoption of Christian policy in regards to economics. 'Christianity and Wealth,' the title of the address, is perhaps the most forthright statement of Christian economic policy ever made by a national leader in many decades..."
Money vs Mortality - Newstream
"Study finds American baby boomers and Gen Xers care more about their money than their mortality, but priorities are shifting"
Please God, I'm Only 17! - by Unknown
"The day I died was an ordinary school day..."
Presidential Address On Fatherhood - by President Bush
"There's no substitute for a dad."
Presidential Address On Stem Cell Research - by President Bush
"I worry about a culture that devalues life, and believe as your President I have an important obligation to foster and encourage respect for life in America and throughout the world."
Quote - by Noah Webster
"But surely as there is a God in heaven who exercises a moral government over affairs of this world, so certainly will the neglect of the divine command, in the choice of rulers..."
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic - Library of Congress Exhibition
"This exhibition demonstrates that many of the colonies that in 1776 became the United States of America were settled by men and women of deep religious convictions who in the seventeenth century crossed the Atlantic Ocean to practice their faith freely."
Rousseau's Civil Religion: the Idolatry of Tolerance - by Andrew Sandlin
"A prime stated goal of civil religion, according to Rousseau, is to defang the exclusivity of robust faiths that may compete with and supersede the statist faith. "
The Challenge of Religious Pluralism - by Kenneth R. Samples
"People who argue that all religions are equally valid (i.e., metaphysically true) either know little about the various religions or have given up reasoning in a logical fashion...
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The Council Of Trent
"The Council Of Trent, the 19th ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic church, was held at Trent in northern Italy between 1545 and 1563. It marked a major turning point in the efforts of the Catholic church to respond to the challenge of the Protestant Reformation and formed a key part of the Counter-Reformation."

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